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It was a weird day yesterday. It started off with me breaking a mirror...I stepped on it. Oops...bad luck. But I don't look at it that way. Last time I did that I ended up winning a progressive jackpot in i need to buy a lotto ticket today. Rehearsal was good. Our scene is geling!!! We are working together and it sounds really good. I am excited. I have a coaching today at 5:30 pm. Want to go to the gym with Phil today but I know I will be too usual. Oh well, I need to have one because of Janet's masterclass on Sunday. Oh, and I have to pick up my contacts...Friday argh. Which also means I can't go to Silicon this weekend...oh well Conjecture is next weekend in San Diego...I am going to that for sure. Anyway, I need to practice and get ready for my day. Work has me doing some stuff at home today...board meeting is tomorrow so I am going in to work.

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