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Saturday fun and frolicking

I was dragged off to Magic Mountain yesterday. I really don't like Thrill Rides...going upside down and steep drops aren't my idea of fun. I don't know why...I used to love Coasters and the thrill not anymore. I think it has to do with my last surgery. I don't like the idea of blacking out. But that is besides the point. I actually had fun hanging out with the guys. banter_cub, cubstatik, czar_wolfhound, nonamecub and scruff_e_coyote. Thanks to Scruff who invited all of us for free and Noname who drove we all had fun. It was great just hanging out though I think we all got too much least I did. I did go on a few things the tamer roller coasters and the one water ride that we all went on. I have no idea but I always seem to get sunburned on my face...and yes I used lots of sunscreen...especially thanks to Scruff who ended up with white creamy stuff in his pouch...*giggles*. I sat out on most of the extreme coasters but I did hang with them and just used the chicken way was fun just standing in line and talking and stuff. I love being the only girl sometimes...I get hugs and skritches and stuff...boy I am spoiled. The food is so overpriced and it offense but I didn't like it. The only good thing was the sipper cups that were refillable for $1. The sorbet was soooooooooo yummy too. Yay...sugar is soooooooooo good...and I did buy fudge for everyone...hope you enjoy. Yummy fudge!!! Well I am going to go...might do Disney with tigrekat today. Depends how we are feeling. Hugs to all of you and take care...enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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