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My finger and the evil haunted house ride....

I haven't updated LJ for a couple of days because of an injury i sustained...okay here is the story...i dislocated the two middle fingers of my left hand. How did it happen? Well, I was on the Haunted Mansion which is now decorated as The Nightmare Before is cool. The ride stopped for a person in a wheel chair to let them on. When the ride restarted, the little recorded spiel didn't come on so I didn't know at that particular moment of time that the lap bar was coming down. I know I should know when it does but I wasn't paying attention. So here I am in pain on the entire ride and after we are off, I inform the nearest castmember. He calls a nurse and security and his lead. The nurse comes...asks what he can do for me...I say..."you are the professional." So he tapes my fingers up...puts an ice pack on me 2 tylenol and I go to UCI Medical Center...xrays were yesterday I see my doctor who informs me that I have 2 dislocated fingers...which actually feel better now then that is the story of my finger and the evil haunted house ride....Typing hurts and so does playing the i need to take it easy for the next couple of days...
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