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Wow!!! was weird. I worked a bit at home today. Had my coaching as usual. It was different. Mark worked me hard but my voice isn't responding very well...i don't know if I am sick or vocally tired or what...i have a doctor's appt Monday...

Then Wendell and I went to Disney. That was fun. Angel baseball fever...we managed to ride 2 rides. Then the weird stuff started happening...weird in a good way though...
Janet, my voice teacher, called and asked if I wanted to see Jose Carreras, the famous tenor from the 3 tenors was performing tonight at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts. I said wait I will call her back...I turned to Wendell and said I had a once in a lifetime opportunity to see him, so called Janet and said Yes!!!

I am glad I did...He was awesome!!! Passionate Singing...just to hear someone of that caliber was worth it. Janet paid $125 per ticket so I felt honored that she asked me. It was weird that she ran into an old friend from her college days...i thought that was cool though...

So overall, it was a good day...and I am feeling i need to really dig and sing up to my full potential!!!!
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