Carol Kitty (carol_kitty) wrote,
Carol Kitty

The weekend

Wow. I know it is Wednesday already but the weekend came and went. Then it was Tuesday and now Wednesday. The month is flying by and so are my packing days. I can't believe that soon I am leaving CA to a new state, NM. Change is good and it keeps the spirit alive.

On to the Weekend. sabotlours did a good job with the weekend update.
Random Thoughts:

Disney in the rain is different. Fun but weird.

Amusement parks with a large group is cool and having your mate with you is an added bonus.

"It's a Small World" is it is evil...

Smirnoff Ice flavors are like soda but they hit you after a bit...yes there is alcohol in them.

My friends are cool.

"Party Monsters" is the weirdest movie...Thanks albear!!!


I am going to miss In-n-Out though I don't go there very often..."Animal Style" rocks!!!

My favorite quote from Sabot: "My love would you like to go to Venice?" As he had just seen my street which had about 6 inches of water in was as close to Venice as we could get.

Thanks for everyone that showed up this weekend both at the party and at Disney it was a lot of fun!!!

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