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Surprising Invitation!!! - Kitty Ramblings — LiveJournal

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December 20th, 2002

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01:04 am - Surprising Invitation!!!
I arrived early to my juries about 1 hour ahead of schedule. Mark, my accompanist was there as expected. I wasn't feeling too great...I think I have a start of a cold or something. Anyway, he asked me to dinner at the Summit House with Janet, my voice teacher and her family. He is such a sweetie. We were talking and laughing before my jury and gossiping...(Yes he is gay but it is still fun). He even warmed me up a bit so I could loosen up which was a good thing!!! Anyway, I was surprised by the invite because 1) He is my instructor for opera 2) I am a student 3) He now considers me a friend and likes to talk to me about stuff and gossip around the department and such. I just wanted to write this down because I find it very amusing and funny. I guess this happened because I did get him a gift...totally appropriate for him...a square glass canister which I filled with chocolates (The Celebration Candies) looked very festive and colorful and a container of Green Tea from The Republic of Tea Company. So I guess he felt the need to include me Friday. The Summit House is a very nice restaurant that sits on a hill overlooking North Orange County. It has a beautiful view, it is expensive and the food is yummy. As someone told me...I am and always will be a fag hag...
Current Mood: amusedamused

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