August 11th, 2002



I am tired...and I think this has to do with last week. Went to my first Comicon...way too big...about 350,000 square feet of dealers room. Big, very big. Don't get me wrong it was fun!!! Also went to Crittercondiego...CCD. I really need to wake up...Here it is Sunday and i am tired.
Thursday was lots of fun...I went to the Hollywood Bowl with Jeff. We saw Shostakovich's Symphony #2 and Beethoven's Ninth. We bought stuff for a picnic outdoors which was good...i am staying away from cheese right now...The bowl was interesting. A concert under the stars and good music. The soloists were good and the choir was good.
Friday I went to a bonfire and hung out with new people...the funny thing is there were some really cool people there and we sang and ate was fun.
Saturday I had the house to myself...yeah...Phil worked and Chris and Erika were in Yosemite...'
My thesis is going...this week i get to scan my music. I hope to be done with it in the next two weeks, submit it to my committee and enjoy the last semester at CSUF!!!
My voice is going...lessons and coachings have been up and down..
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