September 12th, 2002



I feel weepy and sad today. Why? I don't know...even my voice lesson didn't cheer me up. Could this be post 9/11. I don't know...My lesson was okay...i felt tense. Usually I enjoy singing. Singing with no joy today felt like a job. Just get in there and sing. No heart in it. No passion...flat and conservative. I know to non-singers this probably doesn't make sense but to me, I need to sing from the heart. Singing brings a sense of peace to me. I couldn't find it. I searched and dugged deep in me but couldn't force it out. So I felt worse sort of. Not myself but just a person who was just doing a job. I have to remember that no matter what is going on outside the studio shouldn't be brought into the studio. The outside world hinders development. argh.
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