November 12th, 2002



Well, yesterday was the first dress rehearsal. Because the Recital Hall sprung a leak, our tech rehearsal on Sunday was postponed due to the leak. We weren't sure if we would even be performing in there this week. Well miracles of miracles, the department and the school repaired the leak, checked the conditions of the light, are getting the grand piano that had 3" of water in it traded for a different one in storage, and the roof tarped 5 times...all in one day...thank goodness the leak was contained in one place...
Needless to say, last night was long...being on the costume committee, i had to be there at 3 pm. Costume fittings and make-up took place at 4 pm. Then we got the word that the Recital Hall was ready for use...we are using it!!! Yeah...but the only problem is that we had to stay until 12 am...oh well...the price of show business...anyway...more later when i sleep some more and other stuff...
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