December 22nd, 2002


Bay Area

Well, I am in the Bay Area and I feel like I never left. It is good to be here. Drewkitty and I are getting along...We had the best whatever yesterday. Last night I saw Christophine. It felt like old times only she drove. We were going to see Lord of the Rings but ended up shopping and going hot tubbing at the pay by the hour hot tub joint. It helped my knee since it has been acting up!!! The plane ride up was bumpy. Rocky flew too. He is such a sweet kitty. He loves the attention he gets when people see him. He only meowed twice and took a nap and made everyone around us tired as well as me. I think i took a 20 min cat nap. Before I left, had Breakfast with Zotcoon, Paul, Tigrekat, Phil and a friend of Chris and Paul's Eric. It was fun. Exchanged presents and ate. Now at Christophine's waiting for dinner to be done.
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