February 2nd, 2003



The Columbia disaster weighed heavily on my mind. I don't know why. I was kind of depressed. Jeff called me this morning at 10 am. He has a lot of errands to do so we didn't get a chance to see each other today. He said he was going to make it up to me next week. I am also depressed because I scheduled surgery on Feb. 13. I wanted to get it done but that is the day before Valentine's Day. Jeff wanted to take me out that night but instead he will come visit me at home...that would be cool...not exactly what i wanted but cool...

Last night, we went to Ozz. Scott and Paul never saw Rudy and we got a cake for Margo. She was surprised. It is her birthday next week!!! Happy Birthday!!!! Rudy was funny as usual.

Then we went to Paul's. Hyena Blue, Flag, Zen, Paul, Chris, Scott, Margo and I. It was fun until Chris got shit faced. He got sick in my car. Thank goodness for Scotty he held a bag for Chris...so the damage to the car was minimal...oh well...i hope for the best for Chris...and that he has learned a lesson.

Margo was going to spend the night but that didn't happen. Chris didn't want her spending the night with him. She tried to sleep on the couch but she woke up with a bad toothache...I hope she is feeling better.

So this is where I am now....3 1/2 hours sleep...a little sad...not seeing Jeff...and school starts tomorrow as well as my new teaching schedule at the music shop around the corner from here...at least I now have a studio...for every $60 I charge I pay $10...which includes an accompanist. I can play somewhat but having someone to play with my students will be a great idea!!! More later....
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