March 14th, 2003


El Nino

I saw John Adam's oratorio El Nino last night. It was really good. It is a staged oratorio and Peter Seller's did the choreography. I am glad I saw it. Jeff mentioned it and I agreed. He is wonderful. I got all dressed up and I picked him up from work so he was in a really nice looking suit...i think we made an attractive couple. He took me out to dinner at Taylor's a really cozy 60ish establishment...a steak house. It was romantic and cozy with long table cloths and dim light etc. He complained because I was wearing a dress with a long skirt...he said i need to wear pants or a short skirt when we go to a restaurant with table he can touch my legs and other stuff...oooo....anyway...we had dinner there and then he took me to the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion (the place where they had the Oscars and where the LA Phil and LA Opera perform)...It was cool and fun. We had a drink up on the fourth floor and then we found our seats and enjoyed 2 hours of music. He held my hand the entire show. I enjoyed the evening and even got to meet the artists and the composer. A rather pleasant and wonderful evening....
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