May 19th, 2003


No Baycon

Okay, I am not going to Baycon. Instead my advisor scheduled me for my oral defense for my thesis for Friday and Saturday. Argh!!! I am freaking out. I thought I wasn't going to get approved because frankly I thought what I wrote wasn't worthy of anything. Okay, I got some margins wrong on 10 pages...easy fix and I had a major typo on 2 pages...easy fix and it was utter crap especially the ending but they liked it!!!! They more than liked it. They want me to submit it to the American Journal of Musicology and present it at a conference. Okay...I am graduating in August since i didn't make May's deadline...easy fixes...
This brings me to the weekend...I have to do orals, I have to argue my findings and i get to do it in front of a group of people that i like (at least some of them)...argh...I thought I had another I don't...
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