January 29th, 2004


The Price for Higher Education/Weird Experience

I am at UCI. University of California at Irvine in the library. The library is much better than the one at my school CSUF. Cal State Univeristy Fullerton. A respectable library but not as good as UCI. I was here doing some adminitrivia for drewkitty so I decided to do a little research for myself. I went to the music book stacks to get a score and I swear a book that I was looking for 3 months ago fell from the top shelf on the first aisle I walked down and hit me in the head. Okay...the floor has a ghost or it was just a coincidence. I found my book on a different aisle then went back down the spooky aisle that i went down the first time and another book fell and hit me in the head. Okay...it helps that someone/thing is looking out for me even though it might render me unconscious or it might be because I am short but this is riduculous and creepy!!!!!
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