February 19th, 2004



Thank you for the advice about being a Diva. I needed a good laugh. Tomorrow I have 2 major auditions. I am ready. I did one of my long drives last night. I had scheduled a massage yesterday but my massage therapist cancelled...it is today at around 3 pm. I saw two movies with Kim yesterday. "Triplets of Belleville" I liked it and "Along Came Polly" it was ok. Then I dropped her off and I went for a drive on the coast. I thought about singing. How much I enjoy doing it and why I do it. There is such a thrill when performing and reaching out to an audience. I love teaching but performing is my natural high. I don't have to be on drugs etc to experience that high. I love it so much and I love sharing my gift with others. The one thing that bugs me is when I tell people I sing as a profession. Then I am put on the spot to sing. I hate that. I have to be in the right frame of mind to do that. I just can't sing like that. Oh well. I am prepared and I have a bit of an attitude right now. I am good and I want it. And surprisingly I am calm...
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auditions part II

I am trying to unwind and get some quality sleep before my audition tomorrow. This isn't working. I am looking over music before i sleep...a good idea to do before going to sleep...checking entrances, cutoffs, rhythms etc...I am ready why am I worried? Wish me luck...
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