March 6th, 2004


Creative Update

This is actually part of a journal article that I just got published!!! For those of you who attend concerts, food for thought:

The Art of Performance

The art of performance depends on the relationship between the
musician and the audience. In a concert hall, each motionless
listener is part of the performance. The concentration of the player
charges the electric tension in the auditorium and returns to him
magnified...The audience grows together and becomes a group. There's
the impression of a journey undertaken together and a goal achieved.
The public sometimes thinks an artist is a television set- something
comes out, nothing goes back in. They don't realize that if they can
hear me, then I can hear them- their coughs, the electronic beeps
from their wristwatches, the squeaking of their shoes...that is, of
course, until the amps are blowing everyone to kingdom come. Then I
can't hear crap. But I can see you, and your facial expressions and
cheers or jeers do effect the show in a very impactive way. YOU
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