March 23rd, 2004


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I am feeling a bit better...French was ok today...I got an A on my last test and we have a test on Thursday. I have a memory check in voice and am I ready no!!!! So I am reviewing. The weather is affecting my mood...I am feeling blah. It is cold and grey outside and it is going to rain. Maybe I am finally ready to grieve...thank goodness I have vacation next week. I am taking a short trip to Vegas with a friend then I am taking a day/night excursion to Catalina with another friend. It should be fun. I decided not to travel far this break. Of course I do get to see sabotlours during Easter weekend in ABQ. Yay...a much needed break from drama!!! I didn't feel like singing at Easter services even though I was asked 3 times. It would have been good money but I have done it for so long I needed a break so this year I will sing at Christmas time.

I guess with all the personal loss, singing has been difficult. I noticed I am singing with half my heart and sometimes I get all choked up. Usually I use singing as a way of coping but right now it isn't helping so I am composing music again. I wrote a 3 page piano sonatina, a nocturne, part of my symphony ( 3 movents done and I really don't know how to conclude the thing) and I want to work on a furry opera. I also wrote 3 poems that I want to set to music eventually. So the creative bug is there. I also have been writing more on my paper music is still in me just not in the voice. Teaching has sucked too...because I don't feel inspirational...I feel like I am going through the motions.
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