March 27th, 2005


Here with Bear

Well got in at 6 pm MST. A good 8 hours from Vegas to here. Rested. Just watching movies with the bear. Happy Egg and Chocolate day everyone!!!!
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Garage Sale

Ok since the last garage sale was cancelled, I am trying again. This time it will be set on Saturday April 9th from 10-4pm. I know this is before the PS furry party but I figure if you are coming to that you can come and browse. I will be selling stuff and anyone else who has stuff they want to try and sell they are more than welcome to sell this. Since I have never done a garage sale, this will just be open to people on these lists and maybe passerbys. I haven't decided yet about the passerbys. Hungry and thirsty, drinks and hot dogs will be available for a mere $.50 offset costs.

Kitty Den (Carol and Larikaz's house)
April 9, 2005
8861 Dakota Avenue
Garden Grove, CA 92844