October 23rd, 2006


Maggiano's at MFF

Well I am now getting reservations for Maggiano's during MFF. If anyone is going to MFF, you are invited to dinner on Sunday to celebrate my birthday. I have the following people confirmed. Yes Karwood, they have Creme Brulee back!!!

1. Me
2. Sabot
3. Karwood
4. Socks
5. Silver Mchowl + 1
6. Rory
7. Kurt
8. Theome
9. Quasi
10. Quentin
11. Berin
12. Butterscotch Vixen
13. Siege + 1
14. Nevermint
15. Snow Kitty
16. Chakawolf
17. Draconis
18. Huskydawg

I will get a reservation for 25 if you still want to go there is room. This will be family style and it is all you can eat. I will set the menu and such this week. Price is about $45 per person but I will figure that out soon. Hope you can make it.