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The Week so far

I got my car dealt with this week. $400 later of needed a major overhaul. But this is good since i am driving to Furcon next Tuesday. The one nice thing was the rental car...a convertible...of course it was the coldest day this week.
I am still sick so teaching has been a challenge. I called off some students but deligently taught some. I met with Janet today to discuss new music for next semester. I called Mark to arrange a coaching for Friday. He invited me to an Opera on Tuesday. Cool...He really likes hanging out with me and he wants to take me to dinner. What am I a fag hag?
Well, now the plumber is here fixing my kitchen sink which sprung a leak. It needs to be done. Okay. So that is what is going on.
My dress is being done...modeled after Alice in Wonderland for is cute...and i am adding a tail and ears...cute...fits the theme...
Anyway, on my way to get music copied and new binders for all my music and a food run...
Oh health wise...I need to have surgery on my knee again...I have a bone spur which is causing great pain on my tendon. I go in on Feb. 13...I will be okay. This is a good thing.
Jeff and I spent Sunday together. It was fun. We had breakfast and then went to see a movie "Far From Heaven" at the Fox lot where he gets to see movies for free. It was good drama. I liked it. Then we took a long walk along Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica and went to dinner at a British Pub. It is always relaxing when we get together. I feel so loved.

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