Carol Kitty (carol_kitty) wrote,
Carol Kitty

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Can't Sleep

Well...I am up...damnit...I think I accidently had caffiene tonight. To catch you up on speed, I gave up caffiene back in April and haven't had much of it since...I did it to cure worked no more...Only had one when I had some Pepsi Twist one night.
I went to Coffee Night at Starbucks and ordered a decaf the night progressed I started getting joint pain, a headache and now I can't sleep...I feel like a rat in a maze...can't sleep...and my heart is pounding...this is nasty! I must sleep but I can't...oh well light day at work today.
The audition went okay...I was fine on the first song...Janet and Mark both liked it!!! The second song was okay through the first verse and then nerves struck...I felt like a deer in the headlights....thank goodness I wasn't on caffiene then...since my audition was at 5:40 and coffee was at 8:00...
Anyway, I am going to try and get some sleep...

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