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The Week

What can I say...I am tired...and sore. Physical Therapy wiped me out today. I am sore in places I shouldn't be. Teaching is coming along. I have 18 students that pay me and 2 freeloaders that I am teaching for free. They can't afford it and one has an audition for UCLA. I told her if she gets in she can pay me back later.
Monday night was a good rehearsal. We made progress on the second act. Not too much movement. Then I went out to Dave & Busters with Cluboc...I am getting more involved with this group and a lot of the people are getting to be my close friends. Also, I love hanging out with Liz and Tamara from school...they are my buddies.
Tomorrow I have a coaching with Mark. After Janet's workshop class I am worried. Not terribly but enough to get my act together and memorize for memory check on Thursday. Why do I pick the hardest songs in my repertoire and do them first...I am a glutton for punishment...Oh well the other stuff is a breeze and shouldn't take that long to memorize...hopefully...they are in English and the aria is in Italian..oh wait the 2 French pieces...they are fairly easy though...
Song Lit is going okay...i have a perfect score for quizzes and such...yeah
Coffee was fun...and went to play pool for free at Danny K's...did something amazing...hit 4 shots in a row and won...Kim was a little mad...
Anyway it is late...need to go sleepies...long day tomorrow.

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