Carol Kitty (carol_kitty) wrote,
Carol Kitty

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Sleepy and grumpy

I am woken up way to early this morning with a roommate running the water in the kitchen...then forgetting about first I thought he was doing his dishes then when I went to the kitchen saw water running full blast with ants in i cleaned up after him...argh...because i heard the shower running...of course he used up all the hot i am grumpy and sleepy...

ikariotter 102%
custer_winston 98%
ashtarfox 95%
supersniffles 95%
figmo 95%
firetigr 94%
manawolf 94%
thechick 91%
kshandra 88%
nolly 87%
jonasbagel 87%
wolfwings 87%
chahala 87%
lynxcat 84%
kliefox 84%
ben_raccoon 76%
crassus 76%
johno 72%
jonasbagel 69%
drewkitty 69%
christophine 62%
sylvan 58%
How compatible with me are YOU?

Surprised that I am 102% compatiable with ikariotter!!! That scares me big time...

Drewkitty and I are 69% compatiable...interesting....

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