Carol Kitty (carol_kitty) wrote,
Carol Kitty

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weekend update

the weekend was pretty laid back. i stayed home most of Saturday...resting...wasn't feeling too well...just did some errands and came home and practiced on the new movie...a friend said they were going to see Finding Nemo so I went...that is so cute...Sunday was busy...drove with Lisa and Margo to the Titanic exhibit at California Science was moving and well worth the price...spent a couple hours there and then Margo and I went to Disney for Super Soap Weekend...yes I am a fan of abc soaps...especially one General Hospital...I got autographs of a few stars...i don't know about that...and Margo was nice enough to take some was fun especially the casting call...that was funny...Yesterday, Monday I had a coaching which I found good and music is very challenging...but a good thing...I think it is for my recital in the fall or spring????
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