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I know I didn't go to Loscon this year. I wasn't much up for… - Kitty Ramblings — LiveJournal

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December 1st, 2003

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10:20 am
I know I didn't go to Loscon this year. I wasn't much up for socializing. I rested and did some work and memorized. I am not up to singing right now. I tried and I start crying. It is so like me. I hate being emotional...it is hard this time of year. I am going to Vegas with a friend on Thursday so it will be a nice break from everything. I am blessed with new friends...Kim is cool...we saw the romantic comedy "Love, Actually" last night...it was good. Ended up going to Mark's house on Friday for his family's Thanksgiving...okay it was...different...they had pasta for their dinner since most of them are Vegetarians. Kim went with me and we ended up at Target to do a little Christmas Shopping. Saturday was the funeral...i came home wiped...slept about 3 hours...M came over for an hour but he was in pain...it was so nice to just get a hug and a snuggle...he went home but he was a happy and i was a little better...oh I ended up going to his house for dinner and met his mom...she likes me...and thinks i am sweet...yeah right!!!
Sunday...there was a book swap meeting for LAPC...that was fun...and got to meet new people...okay this post is disjointed...just typing how i feel...going to sing now...wish me luck...
Current Mood: indifferentindifferent

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