Carol Kitty (carol_kitty) wrote,
Carol Kitty

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Friday Night

I must say this weekend was different. Friday tigrekat, zotcoon, Wendell, Zach and I took Phil out for his birthday which was on Saturday. Happy Birthday Phil. We went to Ozz...the gay nightclub in Buena Park. It was fun. We had dinner and then watched the cabaret show Rudy de lamour...Rudy is funny...he kept calling me Margaret Chau...Everything was going well...we danced, and watched Rudy...Never let zotcoon drink more than 1 or 2 drinks!!! He is a lightweight!!!! We played pool...which we shouldn't have with zotcoon...He is dangerous with a pool stick...he hit a shot that caused two pool balls to richochet off my foot...i have a nice bruise on the top of my foot and it hurts...teaches me never to be around zotcoon when he is drunk...Zach drove home...managed to get the keys from him...otherwise it was fun...
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