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This Weekend...Jeff

I worked today. It was okay...I spent the weekend with Jeff. I love him. He is so good for me. We went to Hollywood and ate at Michelli's. It was really good pizza and I got buzzed on Merlot...I like that stuff. Then we walked around and Jeff showed me his old apartment and the walk of stars. We walked for awhile and then stopped at a bar which i don't remember the name of at the moment. It was really cool and the building was old. Then we did more walking and saw the new mall. As the sun was setting, the lights came out...boy does Hollywood look different at night. I bought shoes and tried on lipstick at the Mac store...the we went to Grauman's Chinese Theater and the Roosevelt Hotel. It was a rather pleasant day.
Before we returned to his place, we stopped at the Pleasure Chest in West Hollywood. It was big for a sex shop and fun too.
Then we went back to his place...I spent the night...
Overall it was a good weekend.
Came back Sunday and went shopping with Phil...bought produce, towels and a glass kit...
Then picked up Erika and Chris with Paul...
Anyway....more later...
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