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September 29th, 2002

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11:35 am - Weekend
I don't know why but this weekend was busy. I saw a movie with Wendell and tigrekat on Friday night. "The Banger Sisters"...it was cute. I liked it...
On Saturday I went to tigrekat's company picnic at Disney. It was quite filling with chicken, ribs, corn, potato salad...it was yummy...then went to DCA and play "Who wants to be a millionaire" which was fun...goal to get on the top 10 list which did four times yeah...useless trivia comes in handy...
Today, I am going to see Jeff...should be fun...More later
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Date:September 29th, 2002 02:48 pm (UTC)

ooooo...cute images!
I loved the Banger Sisters! Great slice of life movie...that's the way I felt about My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Saturday's company picnic at Disneyland...had a great time, but so much food at lunch and dinner! I was so tired that we left park around 9:30 pm, I think, and slept like a log, probably due to all that walking around both parks.
Today, I'm taking it easy...clipping coupons out of the newspaper.

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